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+18764015989 / Rushawn Smith / Positive
Am watching you
+18763967266 / fina / Negative
Caller said he was with Publisher's Clearing House and that I WON $5 million dollars. He asked if I wanted to receive it, I replied, "Sure" . Then asked, "What do you need from me?" Since you have my number, you probably have my address too, send me the check. The guy hung up. . .lol
+18767782508 / Scam / Negative
Said I won a car from
+18765035741 / Deneika Mitchell / Positive
Jeriel Junior Mitchell my brother think something is wrong with him
+18765035741 / Deneika Mitchell
My brother , trying to reach him not answering his phone
+18764776415 / Teresa Martinez
Hacked my account
+18763208176 / John Jovi / Negative
Nasty prank call
+18763805474 / Jo / Negative
Received google messenger verification from this cellphone ???
Some random people at my workplace gave it to me? Working as a waitress in Texas, I assumed the number was left behind by someone interested in me, so imagine my surprise when some man named Kirk from Jamaica is the one talking to me telling me how he just finished some show and wanting me to download Whatsapp. I may just be naive but he seemed so grateful that I called or whatever i have no idea. It was just really bizarre and I'm hoping him talking to me wasn't just a distraction for someone to hack into my phone while the lines were connected.
I'm just most confused why.. some random young adults in Texas would leave that phone number for me..