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+18767750905 / Suleman
Bhai se Mila hai
+18763903340 / Jay jurgens
Who is this
+18764321775 / Jeannie
Received a text and don't know who its from
+18767713103 / Kayde
Who knows this number?
+18769034906 / kayla
What is this number?
+18764181264 / Soren M. Sorensen
The number was labeled as spm. They called again about an hour later.
both unanswered as number was identified as out of continental USA
+18768292351 / Kag / Negative
According to the person on the other end of the phone I’ve won 7 million! All I have to do to get this is pay $599. How stupid do they think people are?
+18768541811 / Lawyer in States / Negative
Person on caller ID from “Jamaica” - all I could hear was people yelling. I tried calling back- much better connection- explained I was calling back and they promptly disconnected. It’s a prank caller.
+18765741321 / millie
i don't answer no phone calls i don't know who is calling but i dont know how they get my phone number.