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+18763808997 / No name
Who called me
+18764303603 / uuu
what is your name?
+18764321407 / Shauna gay Marshall/tina
She is a thief be ware of her
+18764124131 / anonymous
Scammers in Jamaica are calling from this number claiming to be Publishers Clearinghouse. They falsely say you won something. It is a trick to get you to pay money for "taxes" and "fees" for a "prize" that never comes.
+18763894911 / Dave Xman / Negative
Scammer says I won $5M, have to pay him the $7k taxes
+18764304115 / k.... / Negative
scammer from Jaimaica - could not tell exactly. said he wanted to meet 'at the walmart' in my region because I on publishers clearning house - to pick up my check for $250k and a chevy car.. when I got defensive he cursed and hung up... what possible motive could this be? pass bad checks?
+18763746511 / 54654645
+18765216482 / Leonard
+18768778383 / Bhabatosh malik
I love you
+18764607548 / AZ / Negative
Called 4 times in a row before I finally answered. A guy starts going on some spiel about me winning something at which point I cut him off and said "I don't know anyone from Jamaica, stop calling me" and hung up. He immediately called back, I answered saying "Are you kidding me, stop calling me," he then says, "You don't want your money?" Knowing the likelihood that this was a scam I replied, "No, I don't want my money", to which he replied, "Hey.....hey.....F*** You" and he hung up! The thing is, the guy who was going on about me winning sounded very different from the guy whom I'd obviously offended by not wanting to listen to his B.S. and hanging up on him. Before I hung up on him he sounded very soft spoken,
with no noticeable accent and he sounded like he had a mental disability. But when he called back he had a very deep voice with heavy Jamaican accent. These scammers think that by making themselves sound like they are mentally handicap, they will be able to keep you on the phone longer (out of guilt), and in turn, get you to by into the c**p they are slinging you. After all, a mentally handicap person would never scam you, would they? However, as you can see, the guy on the phone isn't really handicap at all...The real guy behind that voice is a flaming pile of S***!!!! Be careful everybody, and DON'T FALL FOR THIS S***!!!

Man, I hate scammers!!!!