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+18767755931 / Anon / Negative
Is using the grindr app to rob persons
+18763300287 / jay
who is this
+18765430620 / John doe / Negative
This number called my parents house explaining that they were SSA Social Security Administration and they need to verify address contact information and social security number before my mother could give any information I jumped on the phone and asked who was on the phone they hung up
+18764770979 / Amanada / Negative
Claimed to be readers digest. Scam.
+18764582726 / Michael / Negative
This is a scam call from Publishers Clearing House.
+18764125291 / Shelly
Did not answer
+18764010456 / Anonymous
Called me 6 times back to back
+18763964256 / Jerry / Negative
Called wife claiming to be Publisher's Clearinghouse. Obviously a scam, beware.
+18768203698 / Mike
Who is this
+18768729099 / Ron
Trying to find out who tis is