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+18763898000 / Diane / Negative
This was a call from Jamaica which my husband received, but didn’t answer. He returned the call to tell them not to call any more not knowing it was out of the US.
+18763701134 / Rando / Negative
This guy is claiming to be Andrew Lopez from Publisher's Clearing House. He asks you to call another Jamaican number. This is a known scam, don't do it. Don't even talk to him. Stay safe!
+18768774064 / Terry / Negative
James miller calling regarding winning 7.8 mil and a 2018 Mercedes benz. From publishers clearing house Xmas giveaway. Gave a package number n confirm code said need 510 dollars for the it's not to tax the winnings
+18765595260 / lori / Negative
this person calls and i asked to get removed from the list and the guy laughed at me and said no. i get charged for answering the call
+18764368650 / Essie / Negative
No answer from anyone they themselves hung up
+18768158900 / Hennessey / Positive
Hi my name is Hennessey
+18763890030 / S.W. / Negative
Voice sounded computer generated, yet responded to me. Claimed I won money and a new car. Caller identified himself as Marcus Anthony, twice. Knew home address. Creepy.
+18768478228 / anonymous
Jamaican scammers are at it again! They call and lie and say they are Publishers Clearinghouse and falsely say you won something. It is a trick to get you to pay money for "taxes" and "fees" for a "prize" that never comes. Please do not get fooled by it.
+18763909992 / Angela headley / Negative
This number called and claimed to. Be publishers clearing house The man is 70 years old they wanted him to send a $2050.00. To collect 2 million he had won
+18765748392 / Michael / Positive
This is a fake person digicel block this number