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+18764308599 / brian / Positive
want my contacts this number belongs to me
+18763965126 / Charlene / Negative
said he was calling from publishers clearing house
+18764457813 / That guy / Negative
It's a scam number. There is a guy that is very persistent about getting some credit in the form of a CC
+18764300644 / Jacqueline Morgan
A man called saying I had won $5 million something from Publishers Clearing House. He had an accent, said his name was David ? (I am hearing impaired) My neighbor said to hang up because "He can't speak proper English" I researched his phone # 876-430-0644 Caribbean. there were several other like numbers as well.
+18763309587 / Toeknee / Negative
Call says it is from Kingston, Surrey County, Jamaica. Has to be spam caller because I do not know anyone from that country
+18763747777 / Aleta / Negative
Scam. Have different ruses they use: you win a email lottery, text lottery, etc. Or they call as payday loan collectors or offering a loan. Usually a woman calling from Kingston Jamaica. Do not give any personal info or verify any personal info. Your info is out there in cyber space if you have ever filled out a form of any kind on the internet. Hang up, block the call and report it to BBB, do not call registry, etc.
+18768740473 / Annoyed / Negative
Said I won megabucks lottery and package was waiting, lol...they kept calling back when I hung up
+18763917412 / karel / Negative
ik belde en liet 1 x overgaan, betaalde gelijk 1,47 euro
+18765934912 / Mike / Negative
This is a scam they are telling you that I won 2.2 then 2.5 million and a car then they ask u to go to western union and send $785 to claim your prize don't fall for this call is from Kingston Jamaica
+18763917412 / Ed / Negative
Frauds. Expect u to call back at premium price