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+18764305820 / kemar fable / Positive
+18764305820 / kemar fable / Positive
+18763701134 / Alex / Negative
I'm not sure who he was but he said he was going to "f**k out my mouth and vagina" when I said I've never heard of his company
+18764012363 / quaycie reid
i cant find it
+18765847544 / Michelle
Says it's from Jamaica
+18762951918 / Meddy
Some one all sounding unsure and strange
+18764580574 / Michael / Negative
Scammer calling from Jamaica. Don't be fooled by this. It was a really bad attempt at a scam, but it is still an attempt at a scam.
+18767783217 / Bunzo
who has this number
+18764602069 / Krief / Positive
She likes makeup
+18768774064 / Karen hammons / Negative
Tried to tell me I am the winner of 3mil. Dollars. Then he said he would call me tomorrow and even said I love you baby. Very strange conversation!