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+18763208468 / Frank / Negative
spam call From PCH Publisher Clearing House indicating I won money and a car -- waste of time
+18762949240 / B / Negative
This number called maybe 5mins ago saying they're from UPS in Vacaville. Siad I won 850000 dollars and a brand new 2016 Mercedes. I was told to go to a Walgreens or Walmart to register with 450 dollars so that I could be paid 5000/month. He told me that they have to send it the the Governor Jerry Brown (it's Gaven Newman now) so that I can win the money from the US Treasurey Dept.... I wouldn't say specifically the words yes/no so he said he was going to f*** my throat and that im a f***ing b***h. He couldn't wait to force his d*** down my throat. His name is Jerry Hunter. The number you can call back and he answers each time.
+18763745398 / Laura / Negative
+18763109589 / Tim / Negative
I haven't gotten many calls from this number, don't answer them.
+18764421232 / Bernie / Negative
These people are persistent and keep calling back. When asked to stop calling and leaving lengthy messages. It is a SCAM.
+18763961069 / Jay
I have no idea who called
+18763961069 / Junior
Just wanted to know who this person is
+18762939335 / Betty
Shanni small is a married whore who walks around a breake marriages. She is a home wrecker
+18768549329 / Shantel / Positive
Where is the phone
+18767891235 / Rutik wankhede
New sim