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+18762896185 / Pedro Rios / Negative
John Cooper badge number 78910 called stating I was a winner in the PCH contest. I had won $2.5 million second place drawing. Plus a new Mercedes E class sedan. When i said I was skeptical he stated check was a govt certified check. I told him i was not interested. He promptly hung up.
+18764194734 / Concerned citizen / Negative
This number called and left no message, from other comments it seems a publishing clearing House hoax. Caller ID showed it came from jm Kingston, same as other comment. Scam!!!!
+18763108378 / Jamoy
Who is this
+18765605638 / The luck / Negative
This is a scam number
+18763966627 / Christine / Negative
Scam Mega lottery winner
+18767750419 / mjj / Negative
+18764194734 / Nancy
Man said he was calling about a prize I won from Publishers Clearinghouse, I left the answering machine take call and I did not call back he said his name was Jim Kingston. I thought it a scam and decided to look up the number the above message was very helpful.
+18764322387 / PM / Negative
Says Jamacia. I know no one there. Called early 9am, did not answer. Declined. They called right back. Declined.
+18764180704 / unknown / Negative
+18764422127 / Nickesha Bailey / Positive
why are you not answering your phone