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+18763197930 / Sexy
I’m confused
+18764189766 / Alecia
Just wanted to know who called me
+18764189766 / Alecia / Positive
Yes I know the person
+18763766949 / John
Not sure
+18763892507 / Pam
It has to do with a person I called, not that number, someone called back from that number but I had to search it was unavailable just being ignorant stupid supposedly her roommate and that would be an Indiana
+18764199256 / Anonymous / Negative
Spam!!! Scammers!!!
+18768746645 / John
Stop f**k with us we know where live
+18764199256 / Anon / Negative
+18764362758 / Lori J. / Negative
Scam. "David Sawyer" - VP of Publishers Clearing House called. I won $2.2 Million and a car! Just pay $10,000 for taxes and it will be delivered immediately.
+18764012971 / David / Negative
This number called me 8X in 1 minute.