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+18763101987 / Keisha
Who called
+18764194241 / Rishiraj / Negative
Mujhe Badshah kaise karna hai main dusra aur kiya tha yah set dusra a Gaya hai
+18763965468 / Sharyl Rice / Negative
Say they are from publisher s clearing house. Won second prize and will I be home to get the prize this afternoon. I said what scam is this and they hung up.
+18763200912 / Sahuarita / Negative
Scam alert
+18763962117 / Canadian / Negative
These calls are consistently calling in reference to winnings from. Loto 649 and Publishers Clearinghouse.

For a start, loto649 has nothing to do with Publishers clearinghouse.
Oth calls were for a Mercedes car and cash.
Do these people think that I am stupid. I will block the number, but they will call back with a slightly variation of the last 4 numbers.
+18769460256 / Shantol
I got a missed call
+18763988450 / Bruh
+18765608511 / allen 11
+18765608511 / allen 11
+18767784004 / Britney / Negative
This number texted me on WhatsApp and say "Hi" i replied "Hi, Who are you, Where you got my number from?" He/her reply with "What sup, Jay, Just a friend" i replied "😤Arghhh, Pic Age From School" he/her replied "C" and they deleted the message i replied with "??" he/her said "Ax" & "Call 😍" i said "WHAT" "No thanks" he/her replied again and say "For which" "He's going to phone she have" and i said again "ARE YOU OK" "YOU MENTALLY ILL OR SUMN" DID YO MAMA PUSHED YOU OUT BACKWAY OR WERE YOU BORN ON THE HIGHWAY???? and his/her last respone was "$1200000" and then i blocked the person