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+18764607682 / Annoyed / Negative
The CID says Kingston, Jamaica. That tells me all I need to know. It's a money SCAM! They have been calling off and on for years now trying to convince us we have won money/car. They use fake names and will become very rude when you let them know you are not interested in their lies. We don't answer these calls anymore and their fake messages are erased. Have reported the calls, but nothing has stopped it, yet. Beware !!
+18763765961 / Joe / Negative
Prank call
+18768209931 / MS / Negative
They called 3 times within a couple of minutes. 2nd time left a voicemail with talking in the background. Answered the 3rd call thinking it was a family member trying to get in touch. It is a spam call saying my number was selected for a prize. Told him not interested
+18763967864 / Robin / Negative
This was a telemarketer I suppose. When I refused to respond favorably to his call he said angrily to me f... you, you, f... you!!! Then he hung up.
+18762942063 / anonymous
This is a scam from Jamaica claiming you won something.
+18764327225 / D Voss / Negative
I just received a call from this number claiming to be with PCH and I am the second place winner for the state of South Carolina and have won 3.5 million dollars..... :\
+18765840918 / Cynthua / Negative
‭+1 (876) 584-0918‬ **SCAM** They ask to aend money to received a PRIZE 1.5 million Dollas ans a Mercedes Car... Keep calling... Absurd...
+18764194106 / Fateh Singh / Positive
+18768540098 / Karen / Negative
This phone number left a message on my answering machine stating that I had won $750,000 from Publishers Clearing House. The guy leaving the message said his name was David. My machine said this was a cell phone number from Jamaica. I have seen other comments on other sites about this number - obviously a scam.
+18764187312 / roshawn wellington