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2021-02-18 / Britt / Negative
The call came in this morning with poor connection out of Jamaica. They told my fiance he was a winner from publishers clearing house and that he won money and a BMW car. It was all very detailed, gave him a badge number to identify himself, gave him his name as James Peterson. After about ten minutes giving my fiance information they told him he needed to go to Walgreens or a walmart to receive a winner's card and that there would be a fee to get the card. It seemed like a scam so we looked up publishers clearing house and how they award. They will notify by post mail or show up at your house. That's it. Never by phone. If this happens to you, it's a scam!
2020-10-21 / Candace
The man said his name was James Henry and he was from Publishers Clearing house. I only answered the phone cause it showed up Kingston, Jamaica and was curious lol

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Rating - Negative 3/10

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