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+18764129864 / 8764129864 is a mobile phone number from Digicel JM. Users have left 2 comments. Read our tips and find who called you.

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2021-06-25 / Marsha / Negative
Scammer!!!!!! Calling from Jamaica. Broken English. Preying on the elderly!! Tried to get my elderly mom to go to the post office to send money 120.00 (actually the amount kept on changing) as soon as she sent funds (she didn’t) he could arrange to drop off her winnings. Actually. It was my dads winnings. However, he died 7 years ago!!! Lock these people up!! Ridiculous.
2019-11-19 / Noname needed / Negative
100% SCAM....They provide all this package information and winners code and the person that called me, came in as JM Kingston...yet claims to be Andy Goldberg and CEO of this company...These people need to be locked up or put away with...

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